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We operate state-of-the-art equipment and trained personnel to assure a job done right - on time - every time!

  • Complete Project Management
  • Site Assessment
  • Remedial Action Plans
  • Transportation and Disposal Services
  • Site and Facility Demolition

PDS can manage all of your demolition contracting needs from site assessments and decontamination through structured demolition. Our full service capabilities allow you to keep projects on schedule and limit the number of contractors, streamlining your decision-making process.

With a network of recycling and disposal options, PDS can also help to control costs of demolition projects to deliver the best value to our customers.


Professional Demolition Services (PDS) emphasizes care and planning with every stage of its demolition projects. Adjacent property will be well protected. Great care will be taken so as not to disturb existing underground utilities. Safety is priority one. You can trust your demolition requirements to the experienced professionals of PDS.

Not only will we complete your project safely and without surprises, you'll get the proven performance of our team as well. And, we'll provide you with cost effective solutions.

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